How to Preserve Your Roof

Inspect Your Roof Regularly

First, make sure you are carrying out regular inspections of your roof. Check the roof from the ground once a month. Inspect your gutters from the ground. 

Keep Your Roof Clear of Trees and Branches

Next, as you carry out these routine checks, be aware of any trees or branches near your roof. If any branches are hanging over your roof, trim them down away from your home. 

Winter can pose some new dangers. If a tree is hanging above your roof, snow may accumulate on the branches, freeze, and then fall to your roof as large hunks of heavy ice. 

Remove Leaves and Debris Regularly

Even if you keep your roof clear of trees and branches, leaves can still be blown onto your roof. If these are allowed to sit and build up across the roof, they will accumulate moisture and may cause problems with mold or algae. 

Upkeep Your Attic's Ventilation System

Perhaps the most often forgotten aspect of a roof is the attic ventilation. However, if the attic ventilation is not set up properly, or if it is allowed to become clogged or blocked, the consequential problems can become quite costly.

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