Why Black Streaks, Moss and Fungus Grow on Roofs

When algae and fungus get together, they form something new, lichen. Lichen is a photosynthetic fungus that has roots that wrap around the granules, feeding on the nutrients of the GM and the filler in the shingles. Once on the roof, lichen cannot easily be removed. Even if it dries out, it can come back to life when rain or moisture appears. Scrubbing or power washing the lichen will only do more damage.

Another organism growing on your roof is moss, which is a plant, not a fungus or algae. Moss aides in shortening the life span of your roof because it retains moisture and in cold climates can freeze, causing damage to the shingle and granules.

When you’re trying to decide whether to clean your roof or have a professional perform the cleaning, keep a few things in mind.

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